Time to update your pc?

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Do you have concern when purchasing over the internet?
Has your computer been annoying you for several months or years?
Do you need a professional to take a look and get it running better?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

Then it’s time to come see us.
We are right here in Carterton, Wairarapa, Quick, Easy and Reachable.


Services we provide

Antivirus Software and Licenses
  • Windows – Linux – Android
  • Business security and Antivirus
  • Home user Antivirus
PC Health Checks
  • Yearly checks just like your car
  • Keep software up to date
  • PC slowing down?
Computer Parts and Accessories
  • Printers, Peripherals, Monitors
  • PC parts, Security Camera’s
  • External or Internal Storage

Recent Reviews

  • Agilyx Group Ltd

    Ben Hart

    I worked with Hamish on a couple of web development projects and found him very reliable and great to work with.
    Hamish was easy to communicate with, understanding the technical requirements of my design, often making suggestions for the website to work better for us.
    Hamish is friendly and thoughtful and I would recommend any client or employer to work with him.

  • Digital Cactus Ltd

    Patrick Flynn

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Hamish on a handful on projects. He has always delivered with high standards and quick turnarounds, and I cannot recommend Wairarapa Tech highly enough