Website Hosting Solutions

Our hosting plans offer a mixture of price and power. Whether you need a small, easy to maintain website or a more powerful server for a complex e-commerce site, we have the plan for you. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, we are confident that our hosting service will meet your needs.

Linux or Windows based servers. We have clients all over New Zealand from Masterton, Greytown to Auckland. Our server hosting solutions are a solid performer for any website or web based application.



Upgrade to our lightening fast servers and see a massive performance increase instantly.

Backup Included

Did you know that only 23% of the businesses that experience data loss are able to recover their data? This is because most backup plans stop at once or twice a week, which is really far from enough. Let us take care of your backups for you. All of our hosting plans include daily backups retained for 7 days as part of the plan.


We have protection at the server level as well as the website or application level.

Our Server Options

Shared Hosting Space

Choose from the below pre built bundles or talk to us about your specific needs

Business and E-commerce Hosting Solutions

These ecommerce packages are designed specifically for the demands of a higher traffic website that does lots of processing and and higher through put of bandwidth.

Dedicated Virtual Hosting

These servers provide the ideal balance between CPU, memory and storage. They are suitable for running a wide variety of enterprise workloads such as website hosting, application servers, small and medium-sized databases, Kubernetes cluster nodes, or test/staging environments

All of our cloud servers feature:

  • Solid State Performance Drives
  • DDos Protection

Website and Server Security Solutions

Why do I need an SSL Certificate? We, just like Google are advocates of security for the internet. Keep the data and information safe that is transmitted across the web. Read more about it in our blog here.

All prices are ex GST